We provide services for professional color correction and retouching of photographs,

taking into account the requirements for print


  My name is Dmitry. I would like to offer my services andv my team.


    Experience more than 13 years

Publications I have retouched for:  Story, Men's Health, Elle, Cosmo, Domus Design, Harper's Bazaar, MarieClaire, Prevention (Ukraine edition)

In addition, I have more than 11 years of experience as a photographer

 I have been freelancing my services since 2014.  My clients are in a variety of countries

A high level of skill in the areas of color separation, color profiles and color spaces (RBG,CMYK,LAB etc.).    The years of experience retouching: people, clothing for catalogs, interiors, architecture, landscapes and jewelry

We can help photographers get the best possible results.   And, we can give a portfolio a consistent high-end look.     We work to develop lasting a business relationship with our clients

Adobe Photoshop skills:

  *Color correction,

  *Real estate editing (including interiors and architecture).

  *Skin and portrait retouching

  *Background removal

  *Photo Retouching, Manipulation, etc.

  *Making panoramas

  *Travel photography


Since We prepare photos for publication printing, we work with professional quality monitors.  They are calibrated on a regular basis.    Can guarantee a high level of color accuracy for printing and websites